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Smoke Shop | Shades of Sunderland Tattoo & Body Piercing - South Kingstown, RI

There is one thing that serves to make you feel relaxed and better than before, a good ol’ puff on a cigar.

Smoking cigars has a rich history and tradition. A tradition that is honored by their smoke shop. Feel assured, you came to the right place. In the Shades of Sunderland Tattoo & Body Piercing you won’t find only tattoos and piercings, we also boast a tobacco and smoke shop that has a vast selection—sure to delight all puffers.

Here, you can buy all that you need, starting from a new electronic cigarette, over to some of the best cigars there are, to humidors of all kinds. This smoke shop will make you always feel welcomed and will always have something to offer to you.

You can know that these tobacco products are of the best quality, and the staff is there to recommend any type you need. If you are new to all of this, and you only want to smoke quality products, the people of this shop are there to help you pick your favorite brand. Name your desires and price, and you will find something that fits your needs for sure.

The staff of Shades of Sunderland Tattoo & Body Piercing will gladly help you with everything you need.